The Beauty of Georgia


Georgia (საქართველო) is often referred to as an “unexplored gem of the Caucasus” and its capital Tbilisi as an “eclectic melting pot”. Being at the crossroads of Asia and Europe makes the country unique in its own way.

The Land of 8,000 Vintages

World exhibition of the wine history starts from Georgian history of wine and vines. The evidence of the artifacts of the oldest wine vessels and wine makes Georgia the cradle of wine. It makes its 8000 years old unbroken traditions of winemaking which you can still face at any family in wine region.


Georgia’s ancient and vibrant capital city Tbilisi spreads out on both banks of the Mtkvari River and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. A physical and cultural crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Tbilisi has become one of the best, strikingly original travel destinations in the world.

The Land of 8,000 Vintages

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Georgian Civilization

Georgian civilization is among the ancient distinguished civilizations of the world. According to archaeological excavations in the territory of Georgia, called Dmanisi, there were evidences found of the first hominids in Europe dating back to 1.8 million years ago.