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Georgia Holiday

Team Day at Georgia Holiday

The most valuable asset to an organization is its human resources and the role that employees play in building its brand. A smart, responsible and perseverant team includes staff, leaders and the owners is necessary for a company to achieve the successes it wants to see, and this is exactly what we have at Georgia Holiday.

Until today, we were all talking about what services we provide to our customers and partners and how we do so. Now, however, we want to show who we really are. On paper, we are neither a start-up nor a full-fledged company but operationally, our work environment has a friendly, synergistic and flexible atmosphere with a young, self-motivated, and educated team, professional and driven.

The past few months have been our busy-season period. Atmosphere in and around the office has been exciting and fast-paced, everyone just works and has interaction together, some departments used to work 24/7, no one arrives or leaves to an exact shift schedule and everyone is fully immersed in their tasks to get their job done. This is what Georgia Holiday Family culture is and how we not just work but live at it. We are thankful and proud of the people that make all of our success possible.