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Georgia Holiday

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Georgia Holiday

Creating success stories is impossible to accomplish in a day.
Diligence needs to be exercised.

On January 24th we turned 10 and celebrated our birthday.
Our company was founded, in 2010, with only two employees and today, we have become a big family.

We want to dedicate this day to remind ourselves of the 10 years of ups and downs we have endured strengthening our commitment to our values such as teamwork, long-standing relationships, #leadership, and optimism to guarantee our future.
We have come together again with a greater purpose, determination, and focus to create a brighter picture of the opportunities ahead in next year. The image will only come true with the hope and motivation that lies within each individual member of our #team because #growth comes from the will to share and the help we give each other.
Congratulations to Georgia Holiday.