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Batumi is the second largest city of Georgia, capital of Adjara region and so-called summer capital of the country. Batumi serves important functions nowadays as an attractive seaside tourism destination, port and gateway on the Black Sea.

Earliest settlement, located on the site of Batumi, is ancient Greek colony in Colchis called “Bathus” or “Bathys” (meaning deep). During centuries, the city went through invasions by different empires, including Ottoman, Russian, British and Soviet, each of them affecting the local culture and architecture and enriching its diversity.

Batumi is a home to modern architectural attractions and statues, international hotel brands, rich cultural heritage, subtropical botanical garden, delphinium, long boulevards, famous Adjarian Khachapuri – cheese boat, and a lot more to highlight. The city is also a favorite destination for gamblers as Batumi is also referred to as “Los Angeles of Black Sea”.