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What is the best period for travelling to Georgia?

Mild climate and diverse natural resources of Georgia make it attractive for travelers all year round: Spring is the most beautiful season for all destinations of the country. Summer is especially impressive on Black Sea coast destinations and definitely for mountain trekking lovers in the Caucasian mountains. Fall has national importance for Georgia – grape harvesting festival taking place in most of the regions, especially Kakheti, the major producer of wine. Late fall through early spring, it is the season for ski lovers, professional as well as amateurs. Our travel packages are designed to offer the highlights of each season.

Do I need visa to travel to Georgia?

Citizens of the most of the European countries, USA & Canada do not need a visa to travel to Georgia. E-visa is common and available for some countries in the Middle East. For quick reference about visa requirements for your country, visit consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Is Georgia safe for travelers?

Georgia is considered as one of the safest countries. Safety and security is ensured in the capital as well as across the regions. There is no safety concerns for the travelers to walk in the streets at night in groups or alone. There is a specially designated department of police taking care of tourists being at peace.

What is the currency in Georgia?

National currency is GEL. Check daily exchange of rates provided by the National Bank of Georgia here.

How much money in cash is it allowed to bring to Georgia?

No special limitations; However, customs fees apply for the amount above 30,000 GEL.

Which mobile operators work in Georgia? Can I subscribe to Georgian mobile operator?

The mobile operators working in Georgia are Magti, Geocell, Beeline. Georgia Holiday tourists are given local operator numbers as a gift.

Are street signs in Georgia displayed in local or foreign languages?

Street signs in Georgia are bilingual, Georgian and English in touristic places. European road sign system is common.

Are credit cards accepted in Georgia?

Credit cards are accepted at most of the places: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX

Do I need any vaccinations before travelling to Georgia?

No special concerns. Common recommendation is MMR vaccination.

How sensitive do I have to be to local customs? Are there any special considerations?

Religious considerations: Travelers need to observe some rules while entering Orthodox churches – women are recommended to wear skirts, cover head and shoulders. Similarly, men are recommended to cover their legs. As most of the Georgians are Orthodox Christians, one of the most respectable icons in the country is considered the Patriarch, the leader of the church;

Cultural consideration: When enjoying Georgian feast – Supra, prepare yourself that refusing to drink wine and obeying Tamada’s (toastmaster, feast lead) directions is unavoidable; Offering a meal repeatedly while being a guest in the Georgian family is also common in the western part of Georgia and is considered as respect to the guest.

Is it ok if I travel alone? Is it ok for a woman to travel alone?

Our travel packages are designed for individual travelers as well. There are no risks for solo travelers, including women.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not required for travelers by the legislation of Georgia; however, it is always recommended to have it. Our experienced and caring guides will assist with using local medical services in case of need.

Are there any considerations about local food?

Georgian cuisine heavily uses spices and nut sauces, combination of vinegar and nuts. Travelers which are new to Georgian cuisine are recommended to adapt to it gradually.