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What inspires travelers from around the world to visit Georgia? Here are some impressions shared by famous publications and individual travelers’ blogs worldwide, why they find this country a must-see destination:


Lonely planet: Caucasus calling: 6 reasons to visit Georgia

Straddling Europe and Asia, and cradled between the greater and lesser Caucasus ranges, Georgia’s rich culture and diverse landscapes belie its modest size. Sub-tropical valleys and imposing mountains immediately inspire awe, while the near legendary hospitality of the Georgian people invites visitors to share in a deeper understanding of the country and its heritage. The reasons to visit this surprising and welcoming country are innumerable; here are just six of them. Read more


National Geographic: 11 things you can only see in Georgia

With seaside, mountains, lakes, historic ruins and rich cultural heritage, there’s an abundance of incredible sights you can only see in Georgia. Here Are 11 unique and unmissable sights to put on your list. Read more


National Geographic: Discover the Secret Birthplace of Wine

Georgian winemaking traditions date back to 6,000BC. Georgian wine and traditional foods are at the center of the culture in this country.

GEORGIANS ARE RIGHTLY proud of their rich and historic winemaking culture, and as traditional methods enjoy a renaissance, the qvevri – an earthenware vessel used to store and age wine for thousands of years – is becoming the unofficial symbol of the country, found on everything from tea towels to t-shirts. Though only around three per cent of Georgia’s wines are made in these qvevri, they remain a romantic ideal that celebrates the country’s history. Read more


National Geographic: Eight Surprising Georgian Traditions

Georgia’s position on the crossroads of Asia and Europe gives it a fascinating melting pot of tradition, culture and flavour, that blend together into something totally original and uniquely Georgian. Many Georgian traditions are centered around food and wine. The New Wine Festival takes place every year in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Read more