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Tbilisuri Ezo – Courtyards of Tbilisi 

Tbilisuri Ezo – Courtyards of Tbilisi 

$100 per person

Courtyards of Tbilisi – often called Italian courtyards is actually a very big part of Tbilisi’s authentic culture – is created (established) with cohabitation of families of different ethnic representatives.

Most of the buildings in old districts are European style, but different from those in Europe. Tbilisi’s European facades show on the front side (to the street), while courtyards and planning is of Tbilisi. This is the symbiont (cohabitation) of different styles and cultures living together.

On this tour you can get an insight into the lives of famous courtyards of Tbilisi, histories of its inhabitants who formed Tbilisi’s culture.

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