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Crafted in Georgia

Crafted in Georgia

$100 per person

Culture of craftsmanship is widespread across Georgia. Located at the geographic meeting point between Europe and Asia, Georgia has been distinguished by the diversity of crafts traditions throughout the centuries. Every single province in Georgia has its own images, history, culture, traditions, which ensures the ethnographic mosaic of the country and its special attractiveness. The traditions of pottery in Georgia go back to the hoary past. Unusual variety of winemaking equipment and wine vessels of ancient times attest to the high skill of Georgian craftsmen.  Thanks to the region’s rich natural resources and its geographical location, Georgia developed metallurgical traditions which go back to the Early Bronze Age. The collection of Georgian Medieval Cloisonné Enamel is amongst the richest collections in the world. The earliest artifacts of cloisonné date to 8th-9th centuries.

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