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Davit-Gareja Trekking Tour

Davit-Gareja Trekking Tour

$100 per person

David Gareji is one of the most important landmarks of Georgia, nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is located in Eastern Georgia, 25 km from Tbilisi and includes the complex of 19 medieval monasteries with almost 5000 cells for monks.

The foundation of monastic center in the first half of 6th century in the Gareji desert is connected to the name of one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers – St. David named Garejeli and his followers. Site is characterized by a unique combination of historic architecture, prehistoric archaeological sites, divers paleontological fields and impressive geographical features. The lots of caves decorated with unique frescoes are the best examples of harmonious relations of human made buildings with the environment. The oldest goes back to the 8th century. The Golden Age of Georgia is directly reflected in the amazing 11th-13th century frescoes. The Gareji School of painting developed in this period.

In Medieval times, Gareji desert with its magnificent murals containing the images of Georgian Kings, served as one of the most important monastic and pilgrimage centres of Georgia. In addition to churches, chapels and cells, there were numerous caves at Gareji for practical, everyday purposes.

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