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A Day in a Museum

Museum tour  presents the famous and fascinating collections while introducing cultures and characters of Tbilisi. National museums, art galleries, house and open museums show diversity of storytelling and gives opportunity for more interaction.


Hot air balloon is the perfect way to see the stunning scenery, valleys and mountains of Georgia!

Celebration of Life – Georgian Dance and Music

If you want to look into the soul of county and its people, you need to listen to a Georgian folk music and enjoy watching Georgian dances.

Crafted in Georgia

Located at the geographic meeting point between Europe and Asia, Georgia has been distinguished by the diversity of crafts traditions throughout the centuries.

Davit-Gareja Trekking Tour

David Gareji is one of the most important landmarks of Georgia, nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is located in Eastern Georgia, 25 km from Tbilisi and includes the complex of 19 medieval monasteries with almost 5000 cells for monks.

Diversity of Beliefs

We will tell you the story of coexistence of beliefs and multi-cultural harmony enduring through centuries here in the historical heart of Tbilisi!

Georgian Culinary Heritage

We are going to present Georgian cuisine at glance and beyond that and let you master 5 distinguished dishes of Georgia. We will guide you through the journey of Georgian culinary heritage and tell you the story behind the taste of Georgian dishes.


Tbilisi is a multi-galleried city which offers various museums of fine art displaying exhibits from both local and foreign artists, galleries, art-related cafes and house-museums with typical Georgian interior.

Mountain Biking Tour

With so many fabulous mountains, countryside and well established paths, Georgia is a perfect place to fulfill your mountain bike ambitions. Race along high ridges or stroll down elegant valleys; the choice is limitless and invigorating.


Like a bird you will fly over Caucasus mountains!


Take advantage of incredible adventure through wild, fast flowing rivers, fed from glaciers of the Caucasus mountains!

Stepantsmida Trekking Tour

Getting away from busy life is easy in Georgia – only two hours drive from Tbilisi and you can catch your breath on high altitude mountain paths. This tour show you Kazbegi National Park which is located on the northern slopes of the mighty Caucasus range.

Tbilisi Spa Tour

Join the tour of historic old town with its incomparable atmosphere of spa towns to the modern wellness resort higher up in Tbilisi’s forests that attracts travelers searching for relaxation from all around the world.

Tbilisi Walking Tour

With this tour we would like to guide you through centuries of history of Tbilisi which has been megapolis of ancients countries on the the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Tbilisuri Ezo – Courtyards of Tbilisi 

On this tour you can get an insight into the lives of famous courtyards of Tbilisi, histories of its inhabitants who formed Tbilisi’s culture.

The Land of 8,000 Vintages

With this tour we would like to guide you through centuries of history of wine and the variety of different wine tasting offers which has been collected from different parts of Georgia.