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Unique Experience

Georgia (საქართველო) is often referred to as an “unexplored gem of the Caucasus” and its capital Tbilisi as an “eclectic melting pot”. Why should you choose Georgia as your travel destination? Because you are going to experience an adventure, which you cannot compare with any other. Being at the crossroads of Asia and Europe makes the country unique in its own way. You can feel the influence of Persian, Arab, Mongol, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian regimes reflected in architecture and culture, while still having a distinct Georgian identity. Here people of different ethnicities and religions live together peacefully, which makes country welcoming to tourists.

Georgia’s diverse heritage allows travelers of every kind to pursue their aspirations: skiers, cultural, adventure, religious, corporate, gastronomic, eco-tourism, etc. lovers. Here are few of the unique things about ancient Georgian civilization and heritage you should not miss to see and experience:

  • Traditional Kvevri wine-making
  • Gorgeous Caucasian mountains & ski resorts
  • Capital Tbilisi – a bright fusion of cultural and architectural differences
  • Georgian Cuisine, being among top European cuisines
  • Art of Georgian feast
  • Exceptional hospitality from locals
  • Georgian polyphonic singing
  • Ancient churches
  • UNESCO tangible and intangible heritage attractions
  • Healing hot springs and mineral waters from mountains
  • Earliest Europeans’ skulls found in Dmanisi archeological site
  • Europe’s highest villages
  • Pre-historic cave towns
  • Grottos with spectacular stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes
  • Open markets (bazaars)


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